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The Online Firearm Purchasing process is easy: 

Shipping & Delivery

The process of purchase a firearm online is very simple:
1) You Purchase The Firearm Of Your Choice Directly From Us
2) Fill in your local dealer address at the checkout page
4) We Ship The Firearms To Your Local Dealer
5) You Pick Up The Firearm At Your Local Dealer & Inspect It Before Accepting The Transfer
6) You & Your New Firearm Live Happily Ever After

Online Firearm Purchases are simple. On the check out page simply locate a dealer in your area with the FFL Finder Tool or enter your perfered dealer into the ship to location. After completing the purchase you will then need to contact the dealer and inform them you purchased a firearm online and want to transfer the firearm at their shop and make certain they will receive the firearm for you. If the dealer you have chosen is difficult to deal with, contact, or simply does not handle transfers you can opt to use another FFL. If changing FFL’s please contact us to notify us of the change.  The firearm will then be shipped to the business address of the dealer with your name and contact number included. You will receive tracking to your email address when your firearm ships.

Firearms must be shipped to your local FFL (gun shop) to perform the needed background check before transferring into your possession.  Under no circumstances will a firearm be shipped directly to your home address.  

After purchasing your firearm it is required by law for us to have a copy of your local dealers signed Federal Firearms License on file with us before we can ship to your gun shop of choice. 

If you don’t have a local gun shop that you have a relationship with its not a big deal. There is a search engine on the check out page that can be used to show local shops that can be contacted that can handle your transfer.  

USA Firearms will not be responsible for packages returned to us that are refused delivery, and you will be liable for additional shipping charges to re-ship your item. 

The Following Applies to ALL Firearm Purchases: 

We reserve the right to deny a purchase for any reason. 

You must be a citizen of the United States to make a purchase. 

All items purchased from USA Firearms are for lawful uses only. 

No “Straw Purchases” of firearms.  The individual paying for the firearm and completing the 4473 Firearms Transaction Record must be the same person (the intended owner). 

Federal, State, and Local Laws Relating to Firearms Purchases: 

We comply with ALL Local, State, and Federal laws. You must be aware of any Federal, State, or Local laws affecting your purchase. 

Please Note: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase Long Guns (Rifles and Shotguns), and at least 21 to purchase Handguns, Lower Receivers, and Pistol-Grip-Only (PGO) Shotgun type firearms. 

You must also be a resident of the same state as the transferring dealer for Handguns, Frames/Receivers*, and PGO Shotgun-type firearms**. 

*Receivers are classified as an “Other” type of firearm: BATFE Letter regarding Frames and Receivers 

**Firearms that utilize a shotgun shell for ammunition and come equipped with a pistol grip in place of the shoulder stock are not considered shotguns; They are classified as an “Other” type of firearm: BATFE Newsletter regarding Pistol Grips and Shotguns. 

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